Corporate Capabilities

Corporate Capabilities

• Engineering (Design and Construction) of Facilities and Infrastructures for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Telecommunications, Power, Manufacturing, Aviation, Federal and State Government Parastatals, the Public Sector as well as other sectors of the Nigerian economy.
• Installation and Maintenance of Facilities for the Transmission and Distribution of Electricity
• Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) of Lightning Eliminators - Dissipation Array System (LEC- DAS) equipment on Gas and LNG facilities, Flammable Storage facilities, Power Substations, Communication facilities, Electrical Installations, Buildings as well as Electricity – Transmission and Distribution facilities.
• Fire and Gas Engineering Solution Provider
• Building and Civil Engineering Construction.
• Provision of Field Aviation Communication and Navigational AIDS (NDB), Radar Equipment and Marine Related Services.
• Electrical Protection Solutions
• Project Management Services which encompasses the responsibility to plan, execute, control and co-ordinate the performance of engineering, procurement and construction with the objectives of completing a project on schedule and within budget. We are focused at making contributions to the developmental progress of Nigeria.
• Business Development/Consultancy Services covering a multi-disciplinary orientation involving technical and economic analysis and interpretation for energy, chemical and allied industries, including feasibility studies, industry reports, project assessment, market development, energy system planning, management and man power development training.

Scope of Business Activities

We work in close collaboration with our clients from Project Conception to Completion offering world class solutions to their needs. BESL has restructured its operations into strategic business units to further improve service deliver thereby meeting clients` high standards for sustainable
quality and confidence.

Project Development, Engineering, Construction and Maintenance:

We carry out the identification of viable projects in Petroleum Facilities, Chemical Plants, Natural Gas Installations, Public & Private Utilities, Defense Installations, Production Sites, and Flammable Storage Units.
Within this scope, BESL identifies projects, undertakes studies with due diligence, and arranges financing through equity and loans from reputable financial institutions involving the participation of credible corporate and individual investors.

Part of such packages includes BESL taking up investment interest as well as management or supervisory roles in such projects to underscores its confidence in whatever proposals/projects it promotes and offers to the investing public.

BESL is constantly improving its capabilities in various fields of engineering which includes amongst others; Project Engineering, Project Quality Management Services, Electrical Engineering, Pipeline and Facilities Engineering, Marine Engineering, Maintenance of Onshore and Offshore Oil
Field Facilities.

Procurement and Support Services

Compressors, Pumps, Valves, Flanges and Pipeline Inspection Equipments
Earth Grounding and Cathodic Protection equipments.

Generators, Power and distribution transformers, process control and instrumentation equipment and systems, sub- stations and transmission equipments.

Fire and safety equipment – Extinguishers, safety boots, helmets, gloves, respiratory covers and coverall.

Lightning Eliminators: Dissipation Array System (LEC-DAS) equipments Field Aviation Communication and Navigational Systems Drag Reducing Agents (DRA) for Pipelines