Earthing Protection System

Earthing Protection System
Boab has highly qualified and experienced individuals and always provide field management and support services at site during construction. This function usually extends from the first on-site works through to ‘as-built’ drawings.
We provide Spool base management services to include Welding, NDE and Field Joint Coating, Welding Development and Technologies, Specialist Fabrication and Welding Services for offshore and Onshore Support.
Who are supported by personnel specializing in CAD design, field engineering and the supervision of construction, testing and commissioning.
BESL Construction Management covers:
  • Gas processing facilities
  • Scaffolding Services
  • Pipeline & Flowline Construction (Onshore, offshore, shallow water and marsh pipelines)
  • Flow stations, Pump stations, Gas compressor stations and Gathering systems
  • Supply construction skilled labours e.g. Welders, Fitters, and Inspectors etc.
  • Pipeline road crossing and thrust boring
Maintenance Services

Our maintenance services  covered  production facility include upgrade, repairs  and  maintenance mechanical  and  instrument  equipment  for  both  offshore  and  onshore  locations.  Our specialist services provide for optimization of  production facility and we are able to simultaneously carry out  our  operations  bringing  to  minimum  shut  down  periods  even  in  live  offshore  production platform.

  • Servicing of pressure switches, Pressure transmitters, pressure gauges, Temperature gauges, Differential pressure gauges
  • Pipeline Leak Repairs
  • Static & Rotating Equipment
  • Pigging Services
  • Servicing of Valves, PSV & Control Valves
  • Overhaul of Heaters, Pumps, Compressors
  • Equipment calibrations
  • Sand Blasting & Painting