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Local Content Policy

Management believes that the company’s success relies on the technical and intellectual strength of its indigenous human resources. The company explores all avenues to enhance the potential of its employees and also provides its staff with specialized training locally and overseas, to harness and develop these local talents.

Management ensures that its human resources are abreast of the latest information and advances in management, QA/QC, safety, and technology, by funding their participation in local and overseas seminars, forums, and conferences.

The company provides a Career Development Plan to keep its employees’ skills and interests aligned with the organizational needs, and to build their commitment to the organization.
Moreover, it encourages and supports its Nigerian employees who are willing to pursue further or higher education.

Our local strength is fortified through an alliance with our partnership with LEC Inc. USA. We send our local engineers for training or cross posting to our operations in other countries on a need basis, so to ensure that we have technically capable indigenous support to the systems and products represented and supplied in the local market.

100% of BESL employees in Nigeria are Nigerians, and we plan to keep this record for as long as we can, with a keen interest in the local areas where we carry out our operation.

HSE Policy

The importance of environmental balance and safety practices in operation is a fundamental element in the planning and implementation of BESL corporate objectives

Our operations are carried out in such a manner that will protect host communities, health safety and security of our personnel and other third parties while, at the same time preventing damage to property and the environment.

QA/QC Commitment

At BESL, we are committed to the provision of quality products and services, which will both, meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. This is to promote customers’ confidence in our ability to consistently deliver specified quality products and services at all times.

We strive for excellence and in doing so, seek to review and improve our established quality system in line with the ISO 9001 on quality. Thus the attainment of our quality objectives requires the training, involvement, commitment, and active participation of all our personnel.


We employ insurance policies as statutory required in all areas of our activity. We have our personnel covered under the workmen’s compensation policy, Contractors All risk for projects as well as all related policies for goods shipment and transportation. Our insurance policy coverage could be extended to clients and sub- contractor`s personnel.