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Engineering Design

We employ engineering personnel across multiple disciplines and have a large and experienced workforce in the energy, chemical and power sectors. Our comprehensive engineering resources provide clients with one-stop shopping from concept to startup. We have the capability to undertake engineering services covering:

  • Marginal / Conceptual Studies
  • Front End Engineering Design(FEED)
  • Detailed Engineering Design(DED)
  • Construction Engineering.

The capability detail available in BESL for the above work activities are included but not limited to the tasks as follow:

  • Process Simulations and Equipments Sizing
  • Line Sizing Including Flare network Line Sizing
  • Flame Radiation and Gas Dispersion Simulation
  • PFD, P&ID, Mass and Heat Balance
  • Process Calculations and Reports on the Line sizing, Gas Flaring, Control Valves sizing, In Line Instrumentations, etc.
  • Structural Integrity Analysis for Jacket and Topsides
  • In-Place Analysis for Jacket and Topsides
  • Full Plastic Analysis for Jacket and Topsides
  • Load-out, Sea-fastening, Transportation Analysis, etc.
  • Framing Plan for Topsides, Access Platform, Any Related Details Drawings, etc.
  • Layout Optimizations Including the Design of Key Plan, Equipment Location Plan, Piping General Arrangement Isometric Drawings, etc.

Civil & Construction Work

BESL, a registered member of COREN and ACEN is a specialist in building and civil engineering construction of residential building, commercial buildings institutional building, oil and gas civil/concrete works, helipads, water pipeline, steel works, etc. We also major in construction of new building, renovation, restructuring, rehabilitation of existing structures. Our construction team comprises of technically sound and professionally certified personnel in the construction industry

Fabrication & Construction

Boab has highly qualified and experienced individuals and always provide field management and support services at site during construction. This function usually extends from the first on-site works through to ‘as-built’ drawings.
We provide Spool base management services to include Welding, NDE and Field Joint Coating, Welding Development and Technologies, Specialist Fabrication and Welding Services for offshore and Onshore Support.
Who are supported by personnel specializing in CAD design, field engineering and the supervision of construction, testing and commissioning.
BESL Construction Management covers:

  • Gas processing facilities
  • Scaffolding Services
  • Pipeline & Flowline Construction (Onshore, offshore, shallow water and marsh pipelines)
  • Flow stations, Pump stations, Gas compressor stations and Gathering systems
  • Supply construction skilled labours e.g. Welders, Fitters, and Inspectors etc.
  • Pipeline road crossing and thrust boring

Maintenance Services

Our maintenance services  covered  production facility include upgrade, repairs  and  maintenance mechanical  and  instrument  equipment  for  both  offshore  and  onshore  locations.  Our specialist services provide for optimization of  production facility and we are able to simultaneously carry out  our  operations  bringing  to  minimum  shut  down  periods  even  in  live  offshore  production platform.

  • Servicing of pressure switches, Pressure transmitters, pressure gauges, Temperature gauges, Differential pressure gauges
  • Pipeline Leak Repairs
  • Static & Rotating Equipment
  • Pigging Services
  • Servicing of Valves, PSV & Control Valves
  • Overhaul of Heaters, Pumps, Compressors
  • Equipment calibrations
  • Sand Blasting & Painting

Lightning Protection System

Lightning and the side effects of electrical discharge present one of the greatest environmental hazards to the petroleum production, storage, gas transportation facilities, and offshore drilling industries. The effects of lightning disrupt and damage electrical distribution and transmission equipment, cause system shutdown, electronic and computer system lockups, instrumentation and the related processing electronic failures. BESL provides adequate Lightning Prevention System that is essential to the uninterrupted, continuous operation and safety of  personnel in any Oil and Gas Process facility.

Earthing Protection System

BESL connects specific parts of installations with the Earth’s conductive surface for safety and functional purposes. The choice of earthing system has implications for the safety and electromagnetic compatibility of the power supply.
The function of an earthing system is to provide:

  • Protective earthing
  • Functional earthing
  • Lightning protection

Fire and Gas System Engineering

Services in this area include:

  • Specialist detection for high hazard petrochemical and manufacturing applications.
  • Fire detection and alarm systems- conventional and addressable systems
  • Fire suppression systems- FM200, Novec, water mist systems and sprinkler systems

FM 200

FM-200® is a clean, safe fire-fighting agent for use in total ooding automatic extinguishing systems. It is intended as a long-term replacement for Halon 1301 and, whilst maintaining the excellent fire suppression properties of Halon, has none of the environmental problems.


Our engineers are certified and trained to design and install sprinklers and water mist systems according to industry standards (NFP A 13 & 750, UL2167 etc).


MIKACOMIC offers these fire systems for combating fast spreading fires.

  • Standpipe, Hydrant Key & Bar
  • Discharge Nozzle
  • Hose Reel

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